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Terms of Service

Last updated August 7th 2021

These Terms & Conditions (hereby referred to as "Terms") serve to govern the use and access of our dashboard and the digital products delivered by our social media partner, Reoptimize Technologies, governing law in United Arab Emirates, +971 58 524 3635 (hereby referred to as "Services"). Please go through these Terms carefully and thank you for looking into our Terms, as they are important to understand!

Terms are Legally Binding
By using the Services we provide, you agree to be legally bound by the Terms outlined on our website as well as comply to the Privacy Policy also defined on our website.When we use the words "GrowMyTokTik," "we,", "our," or "us" throughout this policy, we're referring to Reoptimize Technologies, which is understood as the intermediary company that connects the digital products provided by our partner to the Customer, in the form of Services listed on our website. When we talk about "Services" in this policy, we are referring explicitly to the deliverable assets that help you grow your social media accounts.

You are an Authorized Member of Our Community And You Declare to Understand the Service A company, person, organization, or other qualified third party we refer to in these Terms are considered the "Customer". Being a Customer effectively makes you a member of our Community. Every member of our Community that is provided with the Service, agrees with and understands it.For you, this means:Your Customer Data is accessed discreetly both by employees of GrowMyTokTik and by employees of Reoptimize Technologies in order for improved delivery of Services. You agree to allow access to Customtransfer of title, and under this license, you may not:

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